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My work is drawn to themes of change and growth. I'm fascinated by how we're in a constant and continuous state of flux, how life affects and shapes us, and how this can be expressed visually.

Most of my designs will be made and completed before I get to the print bed. I use a lot of photography and collage based imagery in my work, incorporating colour layering, something so integral to the screen print process.
I love inks that work well when printed on top of one another. The vibrancy of neon pinks, oranges, yellows and blues allow me to explore this interaction with the most impact. As spontaneity is so important in my work, I love the process of adding layers to a print and seeing the resulting colour interactions come together.

As well as using colour layering in my work, I have begun to print these designs through a CMYK, four-colour process designed to replicate a full-colour spectrum. It's something I want to expand and develop further this year. The blending of the layers of an image using different halftone angles and densities has worked so well in my work, especially with blurred imagery.

Brian Giles (b.1983) aka Sonofafox is an Irish Printmaker / Graphic Designer based in Dublin. He has been working out of the Damn Fine Print studios for half a decade. He got his start with a Bachelor of Visual Communication from IADT.

Through Screen Printing, he loves to experiment with graphic abstract textures and intense colour combinations, often combining these elements to produce bold and colourful artworks. His work has exhibited in both group, and solo shows both at home and abroad. Foreach creation, he is responsible for both the design and print work.

BA [Hons] IADT Visual Communication Design, Dublin

September 2006 — September 2009

Design and Culture, Visual Thinking: Message and Audience; Design Practices: Print and Screen; Design Practices: Motion; Design Practices: Way finding and Environment; Inter-disciplinary Design.


'CIRCUIT ONE' Group Show, 126 Gallery, Galway

December 2020

Circuit One is the first physical exhibition of Circuit Arts Festival featuring some of Ireland’s most exciting emerging and established visual artists. This group show will feature new work from each of the 10 Artists including Peter Bradley, Shane Berkery, Robyn Carey, Neil Dunne, Aine Farrelly, Owen De Forge, Brian Giles, Eleanor McCaughey , Anna Maloney and Luke Reidy.

'HALFTONE' Group Show, The Library Project, Dublin

November 2020

A celebration of the printed matter in all its forms. Representing a rich diversity of Art practices in Ireland.

'Lets Dance' Solo Exhibition, Damn Fine Print, Dublin

September 2020

About the Project

Inspired by colourful flashbacks of a night out, Giles works with collage and photographs splashed and overlaid with layers of ink to capture moments of movement, excitement and spontaneity.

'Soon is Now' Group Exhibition, Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

July 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Creatives Against Covid-19 project invited submissions from around the world to explore interpretations of the word ‘SOON’. This word inspired a sense of optimism, unity, hope and patience that struck a chord around the world – and the result was a collection of hundreds of pieces of art that truly captured a moment in time.

'Are Friends Electric' Group Show, London

March 2020

Are Friends Electric? Studies in Neon is a group exhibition which brings together twelve emerging printmaking artists who find inspiration through the use of neon. Curated by Ricardo Côrte and Jonathan Lawes.

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London

November 2019

The UK'S largest Contemporary Print Fair Showcasing the best in international contemporary printmaking & formulating new approaches to print.

'FLUX' Solo Exhibition, Dublin

July 2019

First solo show by artist and Damn Fine Print member Brian Giles (Sonofafox). Be it for good or bad, life affects us all in different ways. With this exhibition, Giles explores how we are all in a constant and continuous state of change.

Mayson Hotel Commission, Inverna Curator

March 2019

5 x portait mono-prints 700mm W x 1000mm
Bedrooms: Landscape prints Each print measuring: 500mm W x 400mm H Edition of 11

Office of Public Works ( OPW), Dublin

November 2018

Four colour hand-pulled screen print, from “HALTONE” a group exhibition at The Library Project 2018. 420mm x 594mm / Edition of 1

Pressing Matters,   July 2020

Four page magazine feature on my process and work with Pressing Matters magazine.

Front Cover Anthology Magazine  October 2020







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